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Our Only Comfort

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Our Only Comfort [07 May 2002|12:23am]
[ mood | bored ]

Just a little note to mention that Our Only Comfort has been online one year...

Here's some other random facts:
- Within Temptation's new video for Mother Earth kicks ass.
- Talking about ass-kicking, Sinergy fired Marco.
- I'm really excited about seeing Nightwish/After Forever in August.
- I'm really excited about seeing Within Temptation/Rammstein in July.
- I'm really really bored....

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Century's Child [25 Mar 2002|01:58am]
Nightwish's new album, Century's Child is due 27/05 in Finland and 01/07 in Europe. Check Nightwish.com or Ouronlycomfort.tk for more info...
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Within Temptation [11 Feb 2002|07:32pm]
I don't know if you know, but Within Temptation's Ice Queen has been getting a lot of airplay in Belgium. Two weeks ago it was Radio Donna's Favourite of the Week, which means they played it like 5 times a day, now it averages to two times. Personally, i'm happy to have some good metal bands on the radio.

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Siegfried - Drachenherz [03 Jan 2002|09:45pm]
whoop, i'm back... sorry i forgot about all i set up here...

anyway, lets discuss the first album from Siegfried. The band features Sandra Schleret, ex singer for Dreams of Sanity.

The Positive:
Very good instrumental work
Sandra sounds nice, as do the other vocals

The Negative:
The songs are a bit stuffed. Too much going on makes the music a bit cacaphonic.

The Decision:
While it is a good album, I'd expected more from this band, in my own opinion they should have stuck to the home recordings you cna find on their site, which were a lot better...

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Contest [13 Nov 2001|10:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


Our Only Comfort (the website) (= me) is organizing a contest. Design a NW cover for the new album or collector box. Give it a good name... then email your entry to me: xorcist@gmx.net

read more on Our Only Comfort

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Beto Vazquez Infinity... [21 Oct 2001|12:02am]
It has not been released in Belgium yet, but I have downloaded it, and listened to it quite a lot now. First things first... A lot of the songs lack something... a certain soul I get when listening to Nightwish, or Blackmore's Night, or Edenbridge... Seeing as I like all the bands the singers come from, it can't be the vocals, so I'm guessing its the instrumental part I like less... That doesn't mean this CD is bad... not at all... I like almost every song on it, even if it doesn't move me as much as the individual bands do.

Tarja Turunen - Nightwish's singer puts a powerfull performance, especially in track nr 1, Angels of Light. The vocals are in the operatic style we know Nightwish for. Also in Wizard, the back-up vocals are done by Tarja and really add something to the song.

Candice Night - Blackmore Night's singer has a remarkable voice that comes forth very good in the (lyrically rediculously cheesy) song "Golden Hair" and in Through Times Part 2.

Sabine Edelsbacher - Edenbridge's singer does very well too, especially in "The Wizard". Less in "Laws of the Future" but that song has really powerfull instrumental work, so it makes up for it.

Fabio Lione - Rhapsody's singer was the only dissapointment on this album. It is probably me, I like female vocals a lot better, but the song he sings (Battle of the Past) is the worst on the CD.

In conclusion: Very good CD, if you like symphonic metal, you should get this. Now lets see how the band does whithout all the guest singers...

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Over The Hills And Far Away [04 Oct 2001|05:17pm]
I don't know if you've seen the Over The Hills video yet, but I think I'll review it anyway.

First thing I want to say is that the parts of the video that show Tarja and the other band members are great. Tarja radiates beauty in the video and I think watching Tuomas play his keyboard and Emppu his guitar are a magnificent sight. Also many keybaord players have noted that from the video, you can easily learn how to play the song. That would be a plus I can guess.

Next, I'd like to go into the story a bit. So appearantly Tarja's boyfriend has been thrown into jail, and writes letters to her via pidgeon. Tarja goes to visit him, but plots to burst him out (I think) and is aided at that by a wizard... The part with the horse riders and sword fight are a bit out of place. Also the visuals don't really match the story the lyrics tell, but we can forgive them for that.

Visual Effects: The jail cell seemed realistic for a mideavel prison, and the also the boat was a nice touch. The wizard seemed familiair to me, his appearance in the video is small, but he is still quite impressive. His touchpad was a great idea... nice effects there too. Tarja appearing in the smoke in the cell gave me the chills. The fire breathers were a bit out of place though. And the explosions on the prison were very fake.

Total score: good video, great visuals, great song, however a bit out of place with the lyrics. Not Nightwish's best video, but not their worst either. 9/10
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[01 Oct 2001|12:26am]
I created this community for metal reviews, and in particular Nightwish... I hope you'll find this informative... if you wish to join, contact me...

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